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Another Happy Greenkeeper Thanks to the LM315 and Terry Harrison

Llandrindod-Wells-Golf-Club-8-LM315-400x300Llandrindod Wells Golf Club is an 18 hole course designed by 6 time Open Champion Harry Vardon with nothing but idyllic scenery all around the town of Powys.

Because of its scenic location it’s important to maintain the idyllic view by keeping the golf course up to a standard that the members expect and demand. So when Head Greenkeeper Eric Read needed a new Triplex greens mower to cope with the hilly terrain he made an easy choice with the Baroness LM315 Triplex mower.

The LM315 is available in 7, 9 or 11 blade reel options along with bedknife options from 1.5mm to 5mm thickness. Potentially damaging hydraulic leaks have been eliminated by using cable drive to the cutting units.

Here at Baroness we believe the LM315 has raised the bar in terms of quality of cut, reliability and comfort and is a step ahead of its competitors. Eric Read also agrees and had this to say when asked about the LM315.

“After trialling several brands of triplex greenmowers, the Baroness was an easy choice. Many outstanding features came to the fore, such as excellent traction on our hilly course, its agile manoeuverability and it’s exceptional quality of cut with minimal impact on the greens. I see the Baroness as the only machine which achieves a high quality of finish”.

Head Greenkeeper Eric Read (Left) enjoying his new purchase along with Baroness dealer Terry Harrison.

The LM315 is the latest addition to the Baroness range and already catching the eye of Greenkeepers all over Europe
If you would like to know more about the LM315, or perhaps you want to see our triplex mower in action in order to judge the outstanding benefits for yourself, contact your local Baroness dealer and book a demonstration or call us on 01256 461591.