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Baroness and Lister Wilder make positive impression on Golf Courses

Baroness and Lister Wilder make positive impression on Golf Courses

Baroness are yet again delivering high quality machinery, in particular the LM66 walk mower and the LM180 triple mower. Head Greenkeeper of Winter Hill Golf Club, Duncan Irvin, along with Derek Walder, the Head Greenkeeper at Reigate Golf Club spoke to local dealer Lister Wilder and gave praise, not only for the Baroness machines, but also the high quality service and back up received from Lister Wilder.

“We use LM66 Baroness mowers which we find give great value for money and the quality of the cutting cyclinders is superb”, Duncan said, adding
“We have dealt with Lister Wilder since the days of Walter Wilder around 22 years ago. We choose to buy our machinery from Lister Wilder as the range they stock suits our needs and they also provide a great back up service” he added.
Derek Walder also spoke highly of the Baroness LM66T and the LM180.

“I had the machines on demo and they performed well and they were also good on price. The real decision maker though was the fact that Baroness comes with a 5 year warranty which is substantially more than most other manufacturers who generally only offer 1 or maybe 2 year warranties“.

The Baroness LM180 replaces an old Allen National which was belt driven. The Baroness has gears and is also more substantial. We use it on the semi rough and it also works well on banks. The fuel efficiency is also very good.


Click on the picture to learn more about the LM180

If you wish to take a further look at the Baroness LM66 and the LM180B