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BTME 2013 Proved a Success for Baroness

This year’s BTME show in Harrogate has proved to be a successful one for Baroness. Attracting a lot of attention from Dealers and Greenkeepers looking at our wide range of machinery that will keep fairways,rough areas and greens in immaculate condition. For example the LM2700 Fairway mower.

The LM2700 is best known for its quality of cut, durability and low whole life service costs.

In an interview with Greenkeeping Magazine Matt Hawker, Head Greenkeeper at Bristol and Clifton Golf Club spoke highly of the 5 unit Fairway Mower that he has had for a number of years.

Matt was asked about his “favourite piece of equipment” along with his opinion on the quality of cut, reliability, level of maintenance and why he was generally pleased with this machine.

Matt said; “This year will be its fourth season at Bristol and Clifton. In my mind it has already truly proved itself. With incredible build quality and minimal maintenance requirements, it has become our most reliable and cost effective unit“. Mr Hawker then went on to discuss the high quality of cut achieved with this Fairway Mower stating “The quality of cut is second to none and we’ve yet to change the original bottom blades. Once the cut is set, it can be weeks in a normal growing season before any further attention is required”.

He then went on to discuss how Bristol and Clifton mechanic, Ken Weaver, was very pleased with the “ease of servicing” and when there has been an occasional problem, breakdown service was “quick and professional“.
To see the full article click on the link below.

GreenKeeper Feb 2013

Matt was also impressed with the LM315 Greens Mower on display for the first time at this year’s BTME show. “I had a look around the new Baroness Greens Mower at BTME and it definitely looks to me that it should follow in the footsteps of its big brother and become a big competitor on the short grass”.

If you wish to see the quality of these machines and see what Matt is talking about, then contact us to book a demonstration. Click either of the links below to read more.