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Reading FC Choose Baroness!

The Baroness LM2700 5-unit Fairway Mower is a machine that embodies all that Baroness products are best known for – quality of cut, durability, low whole life service costs and a long service life. We are not the only one’s that feel that the LM2700’s enormous qualities are something worth shouting about. Ably promoted and demonstrated by Baroness dealer Lister Wilder another LM2700 was sold to Reading Football Club.

The Baroness is used at their training ground in Arborfield where Adam Grantham is responsible for managing 25 acres, including a total of 9 pitches.

Adam commented “We purchased the LM2700 as all our pitches need to be maintained to the highest standard. Presentation is important to the way that the club is perceived. We had a number of fairway mowers in on demonstration and the Baroness really stood out above the rest”.

He then went on to talk about the high quality of service received from Lister Wilder.

He added: “The relationship with Lister Wilder not just in supplying but also maintaining our groundcare equipment is fundamental. They provide us with a very good all round service. Knowing that I can call them and get a quick response on any front makes my life easier and that in turn means that the players benefit from the way we can manage the facilities”.

So we have another happy customer who is clearly benefiting from using one of our high quality machines and if you would like to see what we and Adam are talking about why not book a demonstration with us by contacting us on 01256 461591