Precision cut greens & tees

The all Hydraulic LM311 gives the end user the highest level of cut with comfort every time!


Introducing the GR400 & GR660

Not content with market leading cutting technology for a wide range of mowing equipment so now we have added to our portfolio, two of the most affordable and well-made rollers on the market.


The Lightweight Mower that lasts...

The LM531 fairway mower has market leading productivity and is proven to have low cost of ownership and the industry’s leading quality of cut.


Samurai sword sharpness & outstanding quality

Baroness started developing mowers in 1959. The materials used in Baroness’ cylinders has changed gradually over the years since its beginning.

A high level of cutting quality, created from the very beginning, has remained the same to the present day. Factors such as the manufacturing process, know-how, and craftsman’s skill have been handed down from generation to generation, this has enabled Baroness to continually produce high-quality cylinders and cutting units.

In the Japanese sword making process there is a step called “yakiire”. It is a special process to harden the steel. The manufacturing process of the Baroness cylinders also incorporates this “yakiire” step. “Yakiire” creates a cylinder that is hard and resilient.

About Baroness


Takumi is the name for master craftsman with superior talent and commitment, who have learned a traditional Japanese craft and elevated it to an art form. Many Baroness employees are Takumi, who have trained themselves to the level of master craftsman and are responsible throughout the cylinder and blade manufacturing process.

All cylinders are assembled and balanced by a skilled craftsman. The blades of each cylinder is fitted and adjusted by hand before being welded to the frame. The craftsman’s work removes any stresses that could form in the cylinder and ensures each cylinder is produced to the highest quality. The next step is carried out by other skilled craftsmen in their field. High processing accuracy and dynamic balancing keeps the high standard and quality that the Baroness cylinders are renowned for. Baroness’ standard has the least tolerance for deflection (inconsistencies of the circular shape of the cylinder) and unbalanced cylinder rotation.



“I gave it a try and liked it so much that I got the guys who do the cutting to use it, and we were all impressed. In terms of eco-friendliness, the cleaner cut produces virtually no tearing of the leaf, so the sward is less prone to disease and the grass is generally healthier and naturally more vigorous.” (LM56)

Paul Larsen, Course Manager at Royal St George’s Golf Course

Baroness GI 2023

Baroness proud to Support the future of Greenkeeping!

“With the need for outstanding performance, ease of maintenance and versatility, for me there was only one greens mower that would be up to the job – the Baroness. I had been through the selection process myself at my previous club, so I knew what I wanted for Ham Manor, but I felt it was important to involve my whole crew in the decision. After a thorough look at the options, everyone agreed that the Baroness was way out in front of the competition.” (LM315)

Paul Brown, Course Manager at Ham Manor Golf Club

“I hadn’t come across Baroness previously and I was a bit wary at first. But having tried others, I decided it gave a better cut, especially on the fairways. And where our previous machine would go off-cut all the time, the Baroness stayed very much on-cut. I even ran the fairway mower across a fairly rough bit of lawn where we have had problems with moles, and its cut wasn’t affected.” (LM2700)

David Knight, Head Greenkeeper at Donnington Grove Golf Course

“The Baroness mowers are easy to operate, easy to maintain and so versatile. We can do everything from a 2” rugby cut to cricket cut using the same machine and it is so easy to adjust. It is all just common sense.” (LM2700)

Brian Atkins, Head Groundsman at Colfe's School