About Us

Baroness is not new to the UK – its been here for over 35 years.

In 1983 the first exports of Baroness machinery to the United Kingdom (UK) were made via Saxon Industries. In 2007 Saxon Industries withdrew from the groundcare industry which prompted Kyoeisha Japan to open their European subsidiary, Kyoeisha UK.

In 2008 Kyoeisha UK was formed and completed its first full year of trading distributing the Baroness line. The UK office is located in Basingstoke, from Basingstoke we supply and service the golf course machinery market in the UK, throughout mainland Europe and South Africa.

Kyoeisha UK have now formed a network of dealerships throughout the UK and the majority of Europe. Distributing machinery that has been produced in Japan for over 65 years, aimed at maintaining specific types of terrain, grass types and desired finish. From pedestrian greens mowers to 5 gang fairway and rough mowers the range has been manufactured with three main objectives in mind, low cost of ownership, ease of use and reduced maintenance intervals, thus ensuring that the customer experiences the best value for money solution available.

Kyoeisha UK are proud to be suppliers of Baroness equipment to a large number of golf courses, sporting facilities and schools across the UK, Europe and South Africa and plan to continue growth in market share year on year. #lessstresswithbaroness

Over 100 years of success & quality turf maintenance

Celebrating over 100 years of success, Baroness has been providing the highest quality turf maintenance equipment by emphasizing customers’ needs to manufacture products that are beneficial for consumer, community and environment. Baroness was founded in 1910. In the 1950s, Baroness entered the golf business. As the Japanese golf industry grew, so did Baroness.

Baroness has always emphasized the quality of its products as a priority and has contributed to the greenkeeper’s goal of creating the ideal turf. Baroness’ emphasis on quality has been well recognized by its customers not only in Japan and the UK but also in other world markets. Currently Baroness is being used and distributed in over 15 countries worldwide.

Baroness has invested significantly in cutting technology, most notably in its bottom blades and cylinders, and has succeeded in achieving the highest level cutting quality and durability in the market.

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